Cosmetic Medicine

Do you look angry even when you are not?

Dysport (other names include Botox) is a wrinkle relaxer that helps to reduce ‘crows’ feet’ around the eyes, and smooth out frown lines between the eyebrows and across the brow. 

Facial lines are caused by the repeated use of facial muscles in a particular manner.  Just as a freshly ironed shirt gradually creases again where you bend your arm, so facial lines are the ‘tread marks’ of your own distinctive way of smiling, frowning or squinting.

Lines can be softened and, in some cases erased, by means of filler injections or surgical peeling treatments.  These vary in their effectiveness and how long they last, but the one thing they all have in common is that they treat the effect, rather than the cause of skin lines.  The damage has already been done, and continues to be done.  Dysport is a hibernation treatment, and differs from fillers and peels in that it is preventative.  An injection to the forehead area, for example, will temporarily put the ‘frown’ muscles to sleep for a period of three to four months. The effect is always temporary, hence the term ‘hibernation’.  The aim is to give the client an opportunity to learn about their own unique facial movements and so break the habit of frowning. While the muscle is temporarily immobilised the forehead is at peace, and the frown line is not being created  or reinforced.

If you are keen to explore this further, you can make an appointment to see Dr Alexandra Stedman who has had many years experience as a leading Medical Practitioner and cosmetic injector.  Her gentle, down to earth approach and detailed consultation process result in natural looking results every time. We are very privileged to have her here at Ellen Health.